A Brief History of the local groups

Lord Robert BadenPowell started the scout movement in England in 1907

Scouting started in Australia in 1908

The Baulkham hills area began to change from a rural area to a suburbs in 1960’s, this prompted people in the community to form scout group for their children

  • 1st Baulkham Hills was formed in the early 1960’s. Their hall was located at the bottom of Linton Street; they lost a lot of the land surrounding it when the M2 was built in the late 1990’s. The cutting down of the trees when they built the M2 also caused the termites to relocate to the hall.  The hall was getting eaten “before our very eyes”.  The building itself had been donated back in the early 60’s to the scouts by the Northmead Bowling Club.  The only section with the name of 1st Baulkham Hills is the Rovers who meet at Murray Farm Hall.
  • 2nd Baulkham Hills was registered in 1965 with the first meetings being held in 1966
  • 3rd Baulkham Hills was formed in 1970/1 as the waiting list to join was so long. They originally shared the hall with 2nd Baulkham Hills and they eventually built a hall in Louise Avenue. The hall is currently being used as a wardrobe for Cumberland Gangshow.
  • 4th Baulkham Hills was formed in 19xx and they used Balcombe Heights Estate building 30 as there hall (the old Laundry)
  • 5th Baulkham Hills was formed in 19xx and they used Balcombe Heights Estate building 17 as there hall (one of the dormitory buildings)
  • 1st Crestwood was formed in 19…and they met at Crestwood High School
  • In 1998 4th Baulkham Hills and 5th Baulkham Hills merged and changed their name to Balcombe Heights, as that is where they were meeting. In 20xx they move to the unused Astoria Park Hall.
  • In 19xx  3rd Baulkham Hills and Crestwood scouts merged and became 3rd Baulkham Hills / Crestwwod
  • In 1999/2000 3rd Baulkham Hills/Crestwood closed, and their scouts and cubs split between 2nd Baulkham Hills and Balcombe Heights.
  • In 2012 4th Castle Hill closed and there scouts split between 2nd Castle Hill and 2nd Baulkham Hills.

Significant date in the history of 2nd Baulkham Hills Group