About Our Committee

Our Committee is made up of parents of the youth members who give freely to support the Group administratively and financially through fund raising. The Committee is responsible for the property of the Group.

The Committee consists of a team of committed individuals who work behind the scenes to ensure that our youth get the best of all that we can provide in facilities, equipment, skills and ultimately fun!

The Committee meets the 1st Monday of the month at the Scout Hall from 7pm till approximately 8:30pm.

For more information please E-Mail Us

OR if you want to come and see what we do, please do so and don’t feel as if we will rope you into anything. Here is an opportunity to see, and have an input into, the running of the Group.

Hall and equipment & maintenance is a large task. To make activities enjoyable for our children at all times we would like all parents to pitch in with any small task

If doing Safety Audit or Stock-take, please down load document and send to the group leader when finished.

Our mailing address is
PO Box 327, Baulkham Hills 1755

Our Street address is now officially
25 Jasper Rd, Baulkham Hills

Group Leader

Leader in Charge - John Gale

Group Committee Exec

Chair Person - Craig GAVA
Secretary - Christina GAVA
Assist Sec / Grants Writer - Tara WILKINSON
Treasurer - Lynda LOVERIDGE
Assist Treasurer - Lisa KRNEL
Trustee / Quarter Master - Edward HENDRIKS
Trustee / Maintenance - Vanessa CASSIN

Group Committee

Fund Raising Committee Coordinators
Group News Letter Editor - Damian ORTS
Recruiting / New Members / New Leaders
Camp Shirt & Mess Kit Bag
We Can also do Sloppy Joes and mess Kit Bags.

The Group Hall and activities are NUT FREE, please do not bring nut food or nut bars.